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The Company

Step into the opulent world of Farshistan, where we embody the essence of luxurious rugs. Farshistan, a fusion of ‘Farsh’, the Persian word for carpet, and ‘Istan’, referring to a country such as Afghanistan and Tajikistan, brings together the exquisite carpets from every culture, creating a paradise of enchanting beauty.

At Farshistan, luxury extends beyond aesthetics; it is a lifestyle, a refined experience that envelops you as soon as you enter our world. Our meticulously curated collection features only the most exquisite rugs that exude craftsmanship, exclusivity, and timeless elegance. We strive to immerse you in an oasis of refinement, where each carpet is a masterpiece in its own right.

Every rug in our collection is carefully selected, focusing on exceptional quality and unparalleled beauty. From hand-knotted masterpieces to precision machine-woven creations, our rugs breathe an unmatched allure that transforms your interior into an expression of lavish grandeur.

At Farshistan, we aim to ignite your imagination and embrace your personality. Our dedicated team of design advisors provides an exclusive concierge service to guide you in finding the perfect rug that seamlessly aligns with your unique style and refined taste. We understand that your home is a personal retreat, a place where luxury harmoniously blends with your own life story.

Beyond creating a luxurious environment, we also strive for perfection in our service. Your satisfaction is our ultimate priority. We take the time to listen to your desires and provide you with a personalized and sumptuous experience, from the initial contact to the expert delivery of your chosen rug.

Farshistan is not just a destination for luxurious carpets; it is a symbol of refinement, a journey to a world of unrivaled splendor and elegance. We invite you to experience the enchantment of Farshistan, where the boundaries between art and interior blur, and where ultimate luxury is within reach.

Step into the world of Farshistan and embrace the opulence that only our exclusive rugs can offer. Let yourself be guided by our passion for refinement and discover how a Farshistan rug can transform your interior into a timeless masterpiece of luxury and beauty.