Mina – Persian Rug – 200 x 100 cm


Discover the enchanting beauty of our machine-woven carpet, “Mina.” Woven with 1000 needles, this soft carpet offers a luxurious experience for your interior. Let yourself be mesmerized by the dazzling patterns that reflect the rich blue Persian culture. Add a touch of timeless beauty and Persian elegance to your space with “Mina.” Order now and immerse yourself in the enchantment of this unique carpet.

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Discover the beauty of our luxurious machine-woven carpet, named “Mina.” Woven with 1000 needles, this carpet embodies an unparalleled soft texture that will enchant you. Let yourself be dazzled by the stunning patterns that bring the blue Persian culture to life.

“Mina” pays tribute to the rich Persian traditions and the profound beauty of blue tones. The carpet exudes timeless elegance, with its exquisite patterns taking you on a journey through Persian culture and history.

Every detail of this carpet is woven with care and craftsmanship, resulting in a masterpiece that enriches your interior with its intriguing blue patterns. Step onto “Mina” and be transported to a world where the blue Persian culture comes alive.

Enrich your living space with the lush softness and enchanting patterns of our “Mina” carpet. Order today and experience the timeless beauty and deep connection to Persian culture that this carpet offers.

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Dimensions200 × 100 cm

Mina - Persian Rug - 200 x 100 cm


1 in stock