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  •  250,00

    Let yourself be enchanted by this stunning Persian rug. With its breathtaking pastel colors and striking blue hue, this rug is a true showstopper. The carefully chosen shapes, patterns, and intricate details create a visual spectacle. The unique designs on the sides add charm and character. This machine-woven rug with 1500 needles is of high quality and feels wonderfully soft. It is a stylish and elegant artwork for your interior.

  •  230,00

    Discover the enchanting beauty of our machine-woven carpet, “Mina.” Woven with 1000 needles, this soft carpet offers a luxurious experience for your interior. Let yourself be mesmerized by the dazzling patterns that reflect the rich blue Persian culture. Add a touch of timeless beauty and Persian elegance to your space with “Mina.” Order now and immerse yourself in the enchantment of this unique carpet.

  •  250,00

    Discover “Rana,” the light gray Persian rug adorned with charming floral motifs. This elegant carpet adds a touch of style to your interior. Machine-woven with 1000 reeds, “Rana” is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Order now and give your home a charming look with this beautiful Persian rug.