Shekar – Persian Rug – 300 x 200 cm


Discover “Shekar,” the Persian carpet that comes to life like an enchanting painting. With beautiful natural scenes, elegant figures on horseback, and hints of historical architecture, this unique carpet brings artistic splendor to your interior. Order now and experience the magic of “Shekar” in your home.

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Introducing the masterpiece called “Shekar,” our Persian carpet that comes to life in your interior like an enchanting painting. This carpet takes you on a visual journey filled with magnificent natural scenes, elegant figures on horseback, and subtle hints of historical architecture. It is a unique creation where the boundaries between art and carpet blur.

The “Shekar” carpet exudes the beauty of nature, with lush landscapes, majestic trees, and colorful flowers intricately woven down to the smallest detail. The vibrant figures on horseback add a dynamic element to the design, making the carpet come alive with the movement of the hunt.

Furthermore, refined borders surround the key scenes, each adorned with exquisite miniatures of nature. These artistic details enhance the allure of the carpet, capturing the timeless beauty of natural landscapes in a sublime artwork.

With its unique combination of intricate details, refined patterns, and enchanting designs, “Shekar” is a true showstopper. This carpet is a celebration of artistic splendor and timeless elegance that will elevate your interior to a higher level of style and sophistication.

Experience the magic of “Shekar” in your own home now. Order this breathtaking Persian carpet and let yourself be enchanted by the unrivaled charm of this masterpiece that breathes artistic magnificence into every fiber.

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Dimensions300 × 200 cm

Shekar - Persian Rug - 300 x 200 cm


1 in stock