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    •  340,00

      Enter the world of elegance and royal splendor with the impressive Persian rug named “Asra.” This dark blue rug adorned with prominent patterns exudes a regal atmosphere. Crafted using 1000 machine-woven needles, it is not only visually enchanting but also delightfully soft and high-piled. Add a touch of Persian grandeur to your interior with this beautiful rug called “Asra.”

    •  420,00

      Discover the beauty of this Persian rug named “Bahar” in a lovely beige color. The design is adorned with delicate floral motifs in light shades, with some flowers featuring a touch of darker hues. The rug is framed by borders showcasing the same floral motifs that extend throughout the entire surface, creating a simple, charming, and elegant look. Additionally, the rug is covered in a soft light pink shade, adding to its beauty. This machine-woven rug with 700 needles offers a delightfully soft and high-pile experience. Bring style and comfort into your home with this beautiful carpet.

    •  250,00

      Let yourself be enchanted by this stunning Persian rug. With its breathtaking pastel colors and striking blue hue, this rug is a true showstopper. The carefully chosen shapes, patterns, and intricate details create a visual spectacle. The unique designs on the sides add charm and character. This machine-woven rug with 1500 needles is of high quality and feels wonderfully soft. It is a stylish and elegant artwork for your interior.

    •  420,00

      Introducing “Delara,” a vibrant and enchanting Persian rug that exudes warmth and elegance. With its dominant red color and captivating design featuring shades of blue and white, this rug instantly becomes the focal point of any room. The bold color choices create a unique and eye-catching look that breathes life into your interior. Adorned with intricate patterns and carefully woven fibers, “Delara” is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and creativity. Its playful borders and subtle darker shades add depth and character to the design, enhancing its overall impact. Meticulously machine-woven with 700 needles, this rug combines durability with stunning beauty. Let “Delara” be the centerpiece that adds a touch of luxury, color, and artistic splendor to your home.

    •  720,00

      Experience the beauty and luxury of the Persian rug, “Farzaneh.” With its deep navy blue color and refined beige accents, this rug is a masterpiece of elegance. The unique floral motifs and intricate detailing make it a true centerpiece for your interior. Woven with 1500 needles, this exclusive carpet exudes craftsmanship and quality. Add a touch of royal grandeur to your home with the “Farzaneh” rug and indulge in timeless beauty and luxury.

    •  480,00

      Be enchanted by the Persian rug, “Fatemeh.” This deep red carpet features unique cube-like patterns with delicate, flowing designs. The subtle framing in heavenly blue adds a refreshing element. With its mesmerizing red hue, captivating patterns, and delicate motifs, this rug is a striking addition to any space. Carefully woven with 1200 needles, it embodies the beautiful Persian tradition. Add a touch of elegance to your interior with the Persian rug, “Fatemeh.” Order today and enjoy its allure and beauty.

    •  230,00

      Discover the magic of our exclusive Persian carpet – a masterpiece of luxury and refinement. With regal dimensions of 1 meter wide and 150 cm long, this carpet adds enchanting charm to any space. Enjoy the unparalleled softness and the beautiful harmony of pastel colors with subtly woven accents. Transform your interior to a level of timeless beauty. Order now and let yourself be enchanted by this unique carpet.

    •  300,00

      Experience the enchantment of the “Firuze” Persian carpet. With its heavenly blue color and exquisite details, this rug adds a touch of splendor and serenity to your interior. Handwoven with 1000 threads, it offers durability and quality. The subtle color accents and soft feel make it a perfect choice for a stylish and comfortable space. Order now and let the magic of the “Firuze” carpet enrich your home.

    •  300,00

      Enter the enchanting world of “Mahtab,” the breathtaking Persian carpet that enhances any space. With its deep blue color and exquisite patterns, this carpet is a masterpiece of elegance and style. Woven with craftsmanship and featuring 1000 threads, it offers unparalleled quality and durability. Step onto its silky smooth texture and feel the magic beneath your feet. Order now and transform your interior with the timeless beauty of “Mahtab.”

    •  230,00

      Discover the enchanting beauty of our machine-woven carpet, “Mina.” Woven with 1000 needles, this soft carpet offers a luxurious experience for your interior. Let yourself be mesmerized by the dazzling patterns that reflect the rich blue Persian culture. Add a touch of timeless beauty and Persian elegance to your space with “Mina.” Order now and immerse yourself in the enchantment of this unique carpet.

    •  250,00

      Discover “Rana,” the light gray Persian rug adorned with charming floral motifs. This elegant carpet adds a touch of style to your interior. Machine-woven with 1000 reeds, “Rana” is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Order now and give your home a charming look with this beautiful Persian rug.

    •  300,00

      Discover “Shahnaz,” the Persian carpet that exudes royal elegance. This stunning dark blue rug is adorned with charming flowers in white, red, and light pink. The white borders on the sides add an extra touch of style. Machine-woven with 1000 reeds, this carpet is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Order now and add a touch of regal splendor to your interior with “Shahnaz.”

    •  600,00

      Discover “Shekar,” the Persian carpet that comes to life like an enchanting painting. With beautiful natural scenes, elegant figures on horseback, and hints of historical architecture, this unique carpet brings artistic splendor to your interior. Order now and experience the magic of “Shekar” in your home.

    •  340,00 540,00

      Introducing the “Shokoufeh” machine-made rug, measuring 300 by 200 cm. With its captivating design of vibrant pink and white flowers against a crisp white background, this rug effortlessly enhances any space.

      Crafted with precision and using high-quality materials, the “Shokoufeh” rug offers a soft and durable surface that withstands daily use. Its machine-made construction ensures long-lasting shape and color retention.

      Whether placed in the living room, bedroom, or dining area, this rug instantly adds warmth, style, and personality. Elevate your interior with the colorful and lively “Shokoufeh” rug and enjoy its comfort and beauty.